texas style council

The Hyatt hotel in downtown Austin recently held a conference, Texas Style Council, where bloggers, online sellers, and crafters alike gathered to learn about how to be successful in the online marketing and crafting world. The fourth-annual event featured an array of inspirational speakers and held over 400 attendees. With a focus on blogging, business, and general education, Texas Style Council offered attendees an experience that could not be matched.

I was lucky enough to attend this conference where I learned about social media, marketing, and blogging. The event featured speakers from great shopping websites, blogs, and businesses, including Ruche, Yelp, and Lulu’s.com. Aside from these great speakers, the attendees were nothing short of awesome. Fellow bloggers and business starters were friendly and excited. The event only confirmed my great amount of faith in the online crafting world. I took away more than I could have hoped for, and I’d like to share three of these take-aways with you.

  1. Pitch– It’s very common for people to overlook the importance of their pitch. This includes social media, branding, and most importantly, email. When sending an email to a potential client or collaborator, it’s important to establish a relationship while keeping the email clear and concise. This will help both of you understand whether or not the opportunity fits, as well as ease the idea of future partnerships. Just as important, a concise email will drastically enhance your chances of collaboration. Don’t beat around the bush—use the first few sentences of your email to tell your recipient what you want. It’s simply considerate of time. Emailing is often the first step to getting what you want, so take the time to write a good one!
  2. Resources– There are a lot of ways to earn money on social media sites that many are unaware of. For example, there are affiliate services such as Reward Style where whenever a person clicks on a product that you’ve blogged about, you get a percentage. It’s also important to remember that you may have something that someone else wants and vice versa. Cross promotion with guest contributors can be very helpful, as well as promotional trades which can done through sites like Pinterest. Along with that, discount codes and giveaways can also be effective. A little trick: notifying people about different promotions at different times through specific media outlets will encourage people to find you on all of your sites!
  3. Connect– Austin is a great place for companies to grow.  We may not always be able to host a get-together in the Hyatt, but that’s no excuse for cooping ourselves up in our own little studios, shops and home offices. For all of you bloggers, business owners, and crafters out there: growing an online business doesn’t mean it all has to be online. We can meet, relate, and just talk. Let’s get together over coffee and help each other succeed on the great, big Internet!


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