craftlaunchMeet Samantha Wishlinkski, owner of SamWish, the shop for adorable, upcycled vintage pieces and healthy, botanical body products. Dedicated to the quality of her products, Samantha looks for inspiration all around her and works towards reaching the full potential of usefulness and durability with her creations. However, the success of her shop was not without effort. Samantha truly understands the importance of hard work and shares some of her insights for those wanting to get a grasp on shop-owning.

What got you started? Where did you begin?

I started upcycling clothes after I had my daughter and I was stuck at home all day. It was my creative outlet and that eventually led to opening a store on Etsy and falling in love with vintage clothing which I started to sell primarily. After a little bit, I became interested in using essential oils as a form of holistic health and decided that I wanted to incorporate those into my store. I started experimenting and creating products that I think fill the need for more reliable and healthy body products that aren’t laden with harmful chemicals. So one thing led to the next thing and I’m really happy where we are at right now! We have the best of both worlds.

What do you hope people will receive from your products?

Oh gosh. I hope people will be satisfied. Not only with the product but with their selves and the idea that they are doing more than just buying a cheap, trashy product. I think ultimately, I want to spread the idea of buying thoughtfully, buying sustainably, and supporting neighbors rather than corporations. My mission is greater than just making and selling things, I want to show people that they can make a positive difference with everything they buy.


What inspires you?

A great source of inspiration for me comes from all of the creative blogs I read every day but I think the main source of inspiration comes from my daily life. Most of the products I’ve been incorporating into my store (the body products that will eventually make up the majority of our store) are things I use every day and that I feel I need to share with others. Most of my product research starts out with my own need for something and then I experiment with them until perfected and put it in the store.


What do you always try to keep in mind while you create your products?

Quality! Because my products aren’t streamlined and factory made, I don’t have the luxury of being able to sell them for super cheap. So I try to make up for that by putting a ton of effort and thought into creating my products. If people are willing to purchase my products, I want to make sure they get their money’s worth and that it’s going to last!

Where do you hope your business will go?

I want to be fully sustainable someday. Right now we are still in school and building a house (literally, with our own hands!) so I am not able to dedicate all the time to it as I would like but we’re getting there!


What advice do you have for those just beginning to sell online?

Do a ton of research, keep on learning, and be patient! I think they say it takes about 3 years to start making a profit? But I think the most important thing in business is to never stop learning. There’s always room to improve!

Do you sell offline too? Where else can we find your stuff?

Yes, we participate in a ton of different markets around Houston on the weekends! You can sign up for my newsletter to see where we’ll be each new week:


What is the most fulfilling aspect of your business?

Not only being able to create but being able to share it with others and getting compensated in return. It’s so rewarding to be able to make things for a living. It’s hard sometimes but the most gratifying thing is selling something you are really proud of and put a lot of time into. Just knowing that someone else appreciates your abilities enough to buy your products is really fulfilling.


What’s your favorite thing about CraftLaunch?

Oh man, I love CraftLaunch so much. I love that I can have my own URL and that I can customize my layout. It gives me the opportunity of being able to make the website my own instead of just being one in a million on Etsy. It gives me the chance to add some extra personality to it and stand out from the crowd so to speak.

What’s something we should have asked you but didn’t?

Hmm, maybe who is my favorite employee? Haha! I only have one but I have to give a shout out to my fiance aka the other half of Sam Wish. He has been my rock lately and is so helpful especially when taking over all the tasks I can’t stand! Being a one-woman shop is pretty hard and I’m excited and kind of relieved to finally have a partner. Thanks babe!


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