craftlaunchFinding the perfect, one-of-a-kind costume jewelry you need to complete your outfit can always seem a little daunting. Luckily, Rowan’s Originals shop owner Kimberly Terrell is committed to giving her customers that piece of edgy flair which will ultimately create a completely original look. From spiked collars, feathered masks, to dragon-scale sleeves, Kimberly’s creations are just right for those who want their costumes to have that special shock-factor. Actively selling globally and at sci-fi and fantasy conventions, Kimberly shares her story and encourages those selling online to never give up and pursue their passions.


What got you started? Where did you begin?

I fell in love with the punk styles of the 80’s while spending several years as a teenager in London. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to buy the cool jewelry on Carnaby St. so I started making it myself – cannibalizing belts and other flea market finds. I’ve been in business for about ten years but have always been a creative soul. I think it runs in the family – both of my grandparents were professional artists. I started my creative costuming adventure by designing costumes for myself for the renaissance faire during college. The materials were primarily metal and leather as they are today. Later, my husband taught me to sew which opened up new media. I love the anonymous nature that costumes can bring. For just a day, you can be anything you want! As they say in Rocky Horror “don’t dream it, be it!”


craftlaunchWhat do you hope people will receive from your products?

I love creating unique and edgy and affordable styles for people all over the world! My leather and metal creations are as unique as the people who wear them. Customizable by request, these fun and stylish pieces will help the wearer stand out from the crowd.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration everywhere. I am very nerdy and love anything sci-fi or fantasy related. I will watch any movie that has fabulous costumes! I also find a lot of inspiration in nature. My favorite materials are bone, horn, feathers and leather. My customers inspire me as well. So many great ideas have come from them. It’s always good to take a step back and look at something with a different set of eyes.

craftlaunchWhat do you always try to keep in mind while you create your products?

My accessories are made with a whole lot of love and just a little bit of attitude. 🙂 When I create my products, I am always thinking of my customer. I want to give their wardrobe an attitude adjustment! I want them to stand out by wearing something that no one else has. Ever shown up wearing the same outfit as someone else? Not good! I want to create something that will make the wearer the center of attention. I create quality accessories that can’t be found in the mall . . . yet!

Where do you hope your business will go?

I am already selling worldwide, which I love! I hope to expand to wholesale and sell to retail stores. Going into stores and seeing people try on and buy my creations would be surreal!




What advice do you have for those just beginning to sell?

Never give up! Never surrender! Just kidding (kind of). Do what you love and be yourself. Let your personality shine through in your product, your style and your listings. People love to connect to the person behind the products. Things may start off slowly but as you start to sell, the word will spread and your business will grow.

Do you sell offline too? Where can we find your stuff?

I can be found at anime and sci-fi conventions in Texas and Louisiana. Selling online is great, but I love to visit with my customers. How else are you going to figure out what they want?

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your business?

I love helping people create a whole new look. My customers are my world. My business couldn’t exist without them! There is nothing better than having happy customers come back and visit me year after year at a convention to show me how well their collar or hair falls are holding up.


What’s your favorite thing about CraftLaunch?

My absolute favorite thing about CraftLaunch is not having to maintain my own website as well as an Etsy store. I love that any updates made on Etsy are instantly transferred to my website. I love that I can keep a website address without maintaining a separate website. I have tried it and it was impossible for me. CraftLaunch is a dream come true!

What’s something we should have asked you but didn’t?

My family means the world to me. My husband is super supportive of weekends away at conventions and late nights finalizing the tiniest of details. I couldn’t do it without him!

Check out this interview where Kimberly talks about her business.

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