craftlaunchTurning trash into treasure is artisan work and Laura Hale, owner of Found Beauty Studio has the magic touch. Determined to bring fun and excitement into everyday objects, Laura creates everything from planters to soap dispensers, adding her own personal twist by using bright paint colors and recycled animal figurines. Wild and unique, Laura’s creations will undoubtedly liven up your home and put a smile on your face.


What got you started? Where did you begin?

I have always been a maker. As the daughter of a single mom, I spent a lot of time at home in a rambling farmhouse outside of Boston on my own, and I delighted in figuring out what I could make with what we had in the house. I worked my way through a set of craft encyclopedias from the seventies and made everything from tin foil earrings to leather sandals from things I scavenged in the barn and attic. It was magical. I used to joke that I should have a tattoo that said “I bet I can make that…”. I’ve always deeply enjoyed taking things apart, figuring out how they worked, and putting them back together. My pieces now are just an extension of that.

What do you hope people will receive from your products?

Joy. I hope people who own my pieces get constant joy from them. I hope that every time they see them they giggle and smile and feel a little lighter. Life can be difficult and serious. Why does everything you use on a daily basis have to be too? Fun products aren’t just for the young – they’re for the young at heart as well!


What inspires you?

Everything inspires me! I’m a lover of discarded and used up items, so thrift shops, flea markets, and yard sales are constant sources of inspiration to me. I let my mind wander as I look over all of the goods for sale, and I’ll see something that sets my creative side on fire. My favorite question to ask myself is “What on earth can I do with that?!?”

What do you always try to keep in mind while you create your products?

I always try to keep in mind that everything needs to be durable. Since I’m making things out of used toys and home goods, and my goal is to give them a second life, construction is key. I don’t want my pieces to end up in a landfill. I want them to have years of useful life in their reborn form. I want my customers to be able to buy my work with confidence that they’ll enjoy it for a long time.


What advice do you have for those just beginning to sell online?

My advice is to not give up. It’s frustrating when you think your products are fantastic but sales are slow. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to build up a business – especially an online business – but it’s worth it. You’re going to fall down, and you’re going to make mistakes. And that’s 100% okay. I’ve been running my business for 7 years now and selling online for 5 of them, and it’s a constant learning process. I ask a lot of questions of other people in the same line of work. I always want to learn more and do a better job, and I never take constructive criticism personally.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your business?

Hands down, the most fulfilling aspect of my business is knowing that I am responsible for my success. I can stand on my own two feet and be in control of my economic independence. And when things are going poorly, I know I have the power to rethink how I work and turn things around. It’s a pretty darn fantastic feeling.


What’s your favorite thing about CraftLaunch?

It is such a relief to have a visually appealing, functional, easy-to-use website where I can have an online shop that doesn’t compete with my etsy shop. I tried selling through another e-commerce site but it was a disaster trying to maintain parallel inventories. Craftlaunch has taken a load off my mind, giving me the opportunity to showcase my personal brand and direct customers to a site that has only my work and services, while not worrying about double selling an item.

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