Fall is here and we all know what that means. It’s time to put away the shorts and exchange your favorite summer t-shirt for a cozy warm sweater. However, there’s no reason for the bright summer colors to stop. Rachel Kluesner, owner of Dyeabolical—a shop for quality yarns, spinning fibers, and soaps, is devoted to maintaining the beauty of color through her high-quality products.

From the comfort of her home in St. Louis, Rachel dyes her yarns herself, producing gorgeous blends of vibrant colors.  She focuses on finding the best possible way to make her products “pop,” and has overwhelming dedication to her passion for color creation.


What do you hope people will receive from your products?

Joy. Color is so important and riotous color is just plain fun. Having a constantly changing yarn running through your fingers is a pleasure.

What inspires you?

I draw my inspiration for product names from pop culture, nature, art, and customer suggestions. The inspiration for my colors, though, come from color itself. I rarely set out to create a colorway inspired by an idea. Instead I look at my jars of dyes and let the potential combinations inspire me.


superhero yarn

soap of the month

What advice do you have for those just beginning to sell?

Read. Read. Read. Write a little, too. Set aside a few hours a week to learn about SEO, taking pictures, blogging, doing business online, and connecting with fellow sellers. Learn as much as you can about your craft, and crafts related to it. Be able to talk intelligently about why you make the choices you make, both in your art and in your business.

Do you sell offline too? Where else can we find your stuff?

I sell my products in several Missouri yarn shops (Knitorious, Ewe Knits, Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe), Sifu Designs in Chicago, and All About Ewe in Clark, NJ. Knitcrate.com – a mail order subscription service – offers my stock, too.

My products can also be found at Kakao Chocolates in Maplewood, MO, where I have a line of yarns inspired by local businesses.


What’s your favorite thing about CraftLaunch?

I love that I can update my Etsy site and CraftLaunch updates automatically. I stay with Etsy because they have a large, dedicated group of customers who prefer to shop directly from Etsy.

I stay with CraftLaunch because I have a core group of customers who are not Etsy shoppers. This way I am hitting two demographics without the hassle of trying to keep inventory straight in 2 different online shops.

Dyeabolocal: http://www.dyeabolicalyarns.com/

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